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Answered Was there really a game in the 90’s where you punch someone when you spot a Volkswagen Bug?


I was a young kid growing up through the 90’s - my mom used to punch the shit out of my arm and exclaim “SLUGBUG!” every time she saw a VW Bug on the road.

Did my mom invent some sort of latent child abuse or did other 80s/90s babies get punched while just fucking listening to meatloaf in the car?

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Answered I am being called a gold digger for doing this, I disagree. Thoughts?


I went on a date with a guy a few days ago. We started our date on the beach and it went well initially so we decided to go to dinner after, he suggested this expensive restaurant that was wayyyyyyy out of my budget. I declined his offer to go to the expensive restaurant but proceeded to suggest some date appropriate but much less expensive restaurants to go to. He insisted that we go to the expensive one, by expensive I mean at least $500 per menu item. I repeatedly declined that we go. He told me throughout the whole time that he would pay but I continuously told him no. He tried to convince me to go to this restaurant for at LEAST 45 minutes before I finally agreed. Once we finished eating our food he asked the waiter to SPLIT THE BILL. Keep in mind he repeatedly insisted that if we go to this restaurant he’d pay, I could not afford the bill whatsoever i’m a 20 year old broke college student. However I paid and left immediately without speaking a word to him. This man had the nerve to message me that night and ask if I wanted to go on a second date. When I said no and explained why he called me a gold digger. I would have glady paid and gone on a second date with him if he agreed to go to the less expensive restaurant and hadn’t deceived me. He’s been telling people i’m a gold digger. Based off what I said, am I the one in the wrong? Am I a gold digger?

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Answered What is the closest I can get to an unbiased news source as an American?


I realize it’s somewhat absurd to ask this on Reddit just because Reddit obviously leans a certain way. But I’m trying to explain to people at work why Tucker Carlson got fired, first article is Vanity Fair. The following websites weren’t much better either.

I just want to at least attempt to see things from an unbiased view.

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Answered Why aren't elderly people routinely reassessed on their ability to drive?


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Answered Do men care if women wear the same top on a date?


Im going on a 3rd date with a guy and I want to wear the same top that I wore on my first date. Is this a bad thing..? Do men care about things like this?

[DATE UPDATE] Thanks for the replies yall can stop now. Turns out this dude didn’t even know this was a date and never had romantic feelings for me. I guess the last thing I should’ve worried about was the stupid top I was wearing. Fyi the top is a light gray off shoulder and I hate myself for stressing out about wearing it for the second time for this dude who couldn’t give 2 craps about me.

To answer the question, men don’t care. Wear whatever you please ladies and gents.

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Answered If its illegal to sell a house to your buddy for way less than what its worth because it depreciates surrounding property values, then why is the inverse of selling for way more than what your house is worth and inflating surrounding values legal?


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Answered Why do people say “assigned female/male at birth” instead of just saying “biological female/male”?


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Answered Why are dandelions considered a weed if the plant is edible, loaded with vitamins / minerals and beneficial for local pollinators?


I just can’t wrap my head around this and I’ve heard it ever since I was a child. How could something with multifaceted benefits be a “weed”. It’s not like it’s some trashy plant similar to Hogweed.

Edit 1: I changed this to answered due to the majority of commenters agreeing that the term “weed” is subjective and may or may not apply to a Dandelion.

Lots of informative, thought provoking comments here, I did not expect this question to branch off into as many directions as it did.

Thanks everyone!

Edit 2: All of these comments are amazing! I’m really enjoying the amount of people who just learned about the many uses of dandelions.

The Round-up weed killer / Bayer connection with dandelions is also something to think about…

sounds like a potential conspiracy theory.

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Answered G-String. Does the string part eventually smell like poop?


I just saw a photo in my FB feed of a photoshoot where a model is wearing a g-string. Her butt looks great. But then it dawned on me that the string is literally on her anus. How clean does the anus have to be and do they not fart to keep the string part clean?

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Answered Just got a bidet. Do I just let it spray on my bum constantly until I'm clean, or what's the average time you have it spray on you? Do I use toilet paper to check if I'm clean? Do I let myself air dry on the toilet or use toilet paper? Any tips?


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Answered If your partner asks you to install a tracking app on your phone because they want to track your phone/location, would you do it and let them track you?


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Answered What's the point of 'non-alcoholic' beer? Do people really enjoy the taste of beer without the alcohol?


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Answered Does anyone else feel like the world/life stopped being good in approx 2017 and the worlds become a very different place since?


I know this might sound a little out there, but hear me out. I’ve been talking with a friend, and we both feel like there’s been some sort of shift since around 2017-2018. Whether it’s within our personal lives, the world at large or both, things feel like they’ve kind of gone from light to dark. Life was good, full of potential and promise and things just feel significantly heavier since. And this is pre covid, so it’s not just that. I feel like the world feels dark and unfamiliar very suddenly. We are trying to figure out if we are just crazy dramatic beaches or if this is like a felt thing within society. Anyone? Has anyones life been significantly better and brighter and lighter since then?

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Answered Are Americans really that uneducated when it comes to the geography of the rest of the world?


For example, there are many Instagram reels/youtube videos showing that many of them do not know to name 3 countries outside the US, or think that London or Asia is a country and so on. Are those staged, or is this really the reflection of reality?

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Answered Is there a safe and legal way to remove an old man's gun collection as he declines into mental instability due to health issues? (USA, Oregon)


My father is dying from cancer that he refuses to have treated. It's in his lungs and brain.

His health has been up and down over the last few months, but mainly on a downward trajectory.

In addition to the impacts to his body, his mental state is declining -- he has severe memory issues, his anger issues are getting worse, and really should not be living alone but so far has refused the efforts of his adult children to permanently move him in with one of them.

He lives in a public housing apartment that is in a suburb of Portland Oregon.

The issue of this post is that he has a rather large gun collection, and has a history of always carrying at least one with him at all times, and he has pulled his gun on people in the past on a couple of occasions that he has admitted to. One was a road rage incident, and one was an incident in which he and another resident in his housing facility got into an argument. In both cases he called the police to make sure that his side of the story was on record, and no charges were brought against him.

But as his mental faculties decline I don't think he should have these guns around him. I'm concerned about the safety of others that may encounter him in the remaining weeks or months of his life... either his family that visits him from time to time, or the neighbors in his facility, or even the hospice workers that might visit him.

Regardless of a person's right to own weapons in the US -- is there a legal (and safe) way to evaluate whether or not a person is still mentally fit to have them as their mental faculties decline from terminal illness?

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Answered why don’t car manufacturers make cars look like they used to back in the 60s to 80s?


is it simply to cut costs and maximize profits? i feel like big name car companies could make a killing if for instance they released a new camaro that looked like the ‘69 camaro, or a new dart that looked like the ‘63 dart.

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Answered Do other countries have these stupid culture wars going on like the ones in America?


Now, I know there are ACTUAL culture wars happening. Like Hutu and Tutsi type shit. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the dumb shit we have here in America.

How wide spread is this? Right now I'm under the impression it's an American thing.

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Answered Is 17 and 20 a healthy relationship age gap?


I grew up with a family friend and he and I have stayed in touch over the years. We met when I was 8 maybe? Now we've both grown up and matured a bit and we aren't really dating, but we have an unspoken chemistry I guess. We both are very close, but have never outright made moves on one another.

I'm thinking of asking him out "properly", even though we hangout 1 on 1 a lot already. Would this be inappropriate?

TlDr: I (17f) wanna make a move on my family friend (20m) but don't know if it's inappropriate.

Edit: Thank you for all the responses. To clarify, he and I seem to be of similar maturity (but maybe I'm biased), it's legal in my state, and we live similar lifestyles. I'm going to wait until I'm 18 since it's only a few months away, it will give me more time to see if we are compatible, and overall it's the safe option. Thanks again, new comments/opinions are still appreciated.

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Answered Do I have extremely low bar or are people on subreddits like r/amiugly really good looking?


I find people that post on subreddits like amiugly mostly (like 90% of them) are really good looking the other 10% either should just work on their fashion choices or not my type but not ugly. Which frustrates me and sometimes the comments are really harsh towards people who I find really good looking. Do I have extremely low bar or do some people have expectations that are really high?

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Answered "He gets us" is taken over my feed


Every 4 ads on here is a "He gets us" ad. This is insane. No amount of blocking and reporting and downvoting seems to work. How is this ok? What can I do to see less of this?

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Answered Is it that dangerous to drink lake water?


Okay, so this really sounds like a stupid question but heres the context.

I have an IG account where I review water. I asked people what water I should review next and then polled the responses. And the overwhelming winner was "Campus Gunk Water" as, the water from our campus's lake.

What I want to know is, is there any true danger that should prevent me from taking at least a shot glass's worth of water from my college campus's lake?

EDIT: Ok, so it appears this is dangerous. Can I use any water purifier tablets to make it drinkable?

EDIT2: Okay, it would appear this is not a smart idea and I can potentially die from such a stunt. So I will go with my second winning poll choice and review water from a cardboard box, similar that to a school lunch milk container.

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Answered Why is it legal for police to outright lie to you in the US when they are interrogating but illegal for you to lie to them?


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Answered When is it an acceptable time to eat lunch?


I'm hungry, hate breakfast food, and am anxious over my every action.

I have leftovers from yesterday that I want to heat up and eat, but it's like 10:30 a.m., and idk if I would be judged.

Edit: ended up saying "fuck it, if someone tries to stop me eating this, I'll eat them too." And heated up my leftovers. They're good.

Edit 2: My brother came in and gave me shit about taking too long to eat. LMFAOOOO

Edit 3: "You should go to therapy." Seek help instead of going on the internet for help." I already did that a while ago, and I've just been having a shite week and was a paranoid mess. My cat went missing, and I can't think clearly, which made me need a little extra affirmation for my worries. :3

Also! For all those who did give genuine help, thank you very much! A lot of you gave some funny answers which cheered me up.

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Answered Instead of trying to use anti-AI checkers for essays, why not just have students write their essays in a Google Docs or something so progress and history can be tracked?


OK I'm getting a lot of similar answers. So let's have a Q&A and why most don't work or miss the point of the post.

This is the question re-worded: Why don't more universities include revision history as part of the academic dishonesty checking process instead of relying on anti-AI or turnitin type tools? This helps diminish the chances that honest students are flagged with plagiarism.

AI creates essay. You copy-paste the words in bit by bit and change a few words here and there.

Unlikely to work. There is no "evolution of thought". Writing a good, A+ quality essay generally involves sitting down and writing an introduction to conclusion with a single stream of consciousness. There's generally multiple revisions, re-writing of entire paragraphs, re-writing of sentences, changing of narrative direction, etc.

I write MY essays from start to finish and barely make ANY edits 4 hours before the deadline while drunk and I still get an A+!!!

That's great. No anti-cheating system is fool-proof and you're obviously a genius. Most people aren't. Also, even if you aren't doing lots of revisions there's still a human cadence to writing that can be seen.

Sarcasm aside, writing A+ quality paper from start to finish in a single sitting is very suspicious. At that point you will have a discussion with your professor who can actually ask you questions about your paper and you can thankfully demonstrate your depth of knowledge and absolve any suspicion.

I write my essays by gluing together multiple documents.

Like I said, this system is not fool-proof. You could probably submit your multiple documents with their revision history as proof.

This is a waste of a professor's time.

It's a bigger waste of their time to sit down with students and tell them they were flagged for plagiarism, to talk with the university dean, to talk to the student's parents. The amount of paperwork and meetings they would have to go through is immense. This system is meant to help prevent honest students from being falsely flagged with academic dishonesty.

Make all essays handwritten.

OK I don't disagree but this misses the point of the post.

Change the education system so we aren't using this essay-based marking system and evolve with the technology.

OK I don't disagree but that misses the point of the post.

I don't like this idea because it invades my privacy or doesn't fit with how I like to write essays.

OK I don't disagree. But would you rather your essay be put through an anti-AI tool or turnitin? Because that is what's happening now and students don't have a choice.

90% of the comments here are some variant of the above. There's getting to be too many comments so I won't reply. For those who provided alternative answers that contributed to the discussion or informed me of other ways teachers have gotten around this issue, thank you for your contribution.

The best answer so far is along these lines:

Write a complex script that takes multiple essays from ChatGPT and writes it out for you in the Word/Google Doc. Make the script occasionally delete words, pause here and there, etc. and combines the different essays for you by deleting entire sentences or paragraphs every now and then. The cheater can manually turn on/off the script to further fake writing over a period of time and can do the final check to see if its cohesive. More work than copy-pasting but definitely doable and likely to pass a revision history check.

It doesn't answer the original question of why universities are still relying on turnitin and anti-AI instead of looking at revision history but it does answer why it wouldn't really work.

Original post

This idea came up after seeing a post about using zerogpt to check the US Constitution and it found it to be like 92% written by AI.

Why can't we just have students write their essays on a platform that periodically saves history as they go and then you can refer back to it as proof that it wasn't written by an AI? Google Docs would be an easy example. A less sophisticated example could be submitting the actual Word doc the essay was written on and looking at the history. Or if you wanna go more lock-down you have them write in a university hosted instance of a text box thing. It's much harder to fake the practice of imperfect writing and editing since you can't just copy-paste. And you can see how the essay evolves which is also hard to fake.

Obviously I don't think this is a perfect solution but it sure seems a lot easier and safer to me than whatever those anti-AI bots are doing. Downside is loss of privacy or freedom I guess for people working super last minute. But honestly, as a teacher it can be helpful to check in on students and where there at. Maybe we can avoid using turnitin as well. I'm sure someone has thought of this before hence the NoStupidQuestions.

Edit 1: A few people are saying "essays are dead don't even do them anymore". Ok I don't disagree but that's not the point of the post.

Edit 2: Also, the idea is not to create a perfect system to "catch" cheaters, just one to help make it a little better than relying on anti-AI tools so students don't get falsely accused of plagiarism.

Edit 3: Yes, you can make a basic script or copy paste the AI essay word by word. No, that won't work because it's extremely easy to see that there's no evolution of thought. A complex script will likely work as someone already pointed out.

92% constitution ChatGPT source: https://old.reddit.com/r/ChatGPT/comments/12q6ktf/ta_here_and_we_have_to_use_this_website_to_detect/

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Answered Would it be harmful in any way for someone with a backyard to pee in their backyard like a dog instead of the toilet in order to save water?


Let's assume they have privacy so they can pee in peace without the neighbors watching.