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Answered If the IRS calculates our taxes anyway, and gives us totals different than the ones we send in, what's the point of filing? Can't they just have algorithms do it all and auto-mail us the results?


I'm sure this has been asked before, I just don't know where the posting might be.

Edit (after 6200 up votes): To those saying the IRS doesn't know your adjustments, there could be a system where those are sent in electronically, if not automatically. Point being if the IRS is going to ignore your outcome in favor of the one they calculate, why bother doing your own if they're going to do it anyway?

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People who drive below the speed limit, when you look at the rear view and see dozens of cars behind you, how does that make you feel?


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Can someone explain why lobbying in the US isn't just bribing the government?


In my mind you have large companies paying for politicians to vote a certain way, and pass laws, for the benefit of the company. To me that sounds exactly like a bribe.

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Do people who live in huge mansions ever worry about losing their cat?


My cat will find random places to hide and sleep. I have a small apartment and I still will have a hard time finding him sometimes because he will find the most random and unthinkable spots. So what do people with huge multi million mansions do if their cat decides to hide somewhere? Is losing your cat an issue?

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How is Congress so inept on really basic functions of the internet?


This whole situation with tiktoks CEO being interrogated by Congress has raised this question for me. I mean it genuinely seems like the lawmakers questioning him just learned about the internet 5 minutes before showing up to question him. Is this on purpose? Are they attempting to make tiktok seem more malicious than it is by pretending to be completely clueless about how the internet or wifi works? It’s concerning that people who are in place to discuss and pass laws can simultaneously be so stupid regarding something as easy to understand as the internet

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Unanswered Why do some minorities like Latinos vote for Republicans in such greater proportions than other minorities like the black community?


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Is it rude if I tell my boyfriend his ex looks like his mom?


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Does farting in the bathtub stink up the water? or all contents float out in the bubbles?


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Why do we need to do signatures if you can change your signature at any time and people can copy your signature pretty easily?


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Unanswered If the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had died on the moon during Apollo 11, what would have happened to their bodies? There are no microbes to consume them on the moon, nor is there any natural weathering. Would they have stayed there until mankind went to retrieve their corpses?


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If identical twins marry another set of identical twins, will the children of each set have the same DNA as their cousins?


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What piece of advice do you wish you had listened to earlier?


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Should I join the trades instead of going to a 4-year college after community college


I will be graduating this spring with a 3.7 gpa in business administration from a community college. Over the past year I’d say, I’ve grown a distaste for college and am relatively unhappy. I find my classes uninteresting and feel at times I would be happier working with my hands.

The reason I haven’t totally decided to join the trades is I’m worried I’ll end up hating them as well. I am also aware of the data showing the vast differences in income between people who graduate from a 4 year school vs 2 year.

But, at the same time I don’t want to take out student loans and then end up in disgust and performing poorly in college due to lack of interest.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Why are people so mad on reedit and the internet in general ?


Like , I was in a community the other day and there's a label for "discussion" and there I said " I don't like this because of that , and that and that ". In my conception to discuss something is to validate it and you know , talk about it ? Like I didn't offend anyone , didn't attack anyone I just said I didn't like something and obviously everyone who disagrees just went down for the butcher. What is even the point of having a place to talk about things and all if you can't even accept other opinions? Like, is it that hard to just talk and chill? I don't get , for real.

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(U.S.) If trains and buses are more efficient than cars why don't we have more trains and buses


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Are throwaway accounts still a thing?


I just logged onto this account for the first time in years and now when i try to post nothing shows up. The account was set up with a fake email address but I don't think that can be done anymore

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Unanswered How old is too old for arcades?


A local burger place has an arcade with a good selection of old and new games. Racing, shooters, fighters, skee ball, pinball, you name it. I was with a group of friends and after eating I hit up the arcade, but they looked at me weirdly. They thought it was strange being 30+ and playing games like a kid. I never thought about that. Is wrong to go to an arcade at my age? I just like games. What's wrong with that?

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Why do you have to refrigerate pickles? Isn’t that the whole point of them?


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Unanswered Suppose a human has grown up never once hearing a single syllable from any language (dead or otherwise)and can't read or write. How does this person think? What do they hear in their "mind's voice "? Is it silent? Or is there flashes of images/other triggers? Are they completely alone like this?


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Do travel agents exist anymore?


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i’m 17 and have entirely no idea how to get my birth certificate or social security card


hello, i just turned 17 this year. long story short: i got sick of my mother’s abuse and fought back when i was 15, she left me in another state with my dad’s mom (my grandmother) with nothing on my back. she also moved states even further away so it’s not like i can get her to drive back and give me my papers.

when i say abuse, i mean hell. i haven’t been in a proper school since the 7th grade because my mom decided to withhold my education from me, and even then, it was short lived because that lasted for two weeks. i need a job immediately and i seriously need to go back to school before i lose my mind. i don’t have a school ID, i don’t know what’s on my birth certificate (don’t know if my dad signed it), don’t have a social security card, no drivers license—just nothing. she won’t tell me anything and won’t give me anything. i’ve tried talking to her, kissing her ass and giving her chances, only for her to spam my phone and drunkenly call me at midnight to yell at me about how much of a piece of shit i am—then completely stop trying to help me because i, apparently, “need to learn the hard way.” she told to wait until i’m 18 and carry my ass to the clerk’s office. mind you, i’ve done nothing to this woman but tell her that i can’t handle taking care of a freshly newborn baby that i didn’t ask for, getting only minuscule hours of sleep everyday, while simultaneously taking care of a house with 5 people and no help. let alone the unwarranted random screaming and lectures towards me at ungodly hours, which is seriously another story. i cant ask my dad because he’s in prison lmao.

is there someone i need to call to get help? someone who can help me get me my papers? is there a way i can report her? can i do it at 17?

it’s been two years of being stagnant and it’s starting to affect me more than i thought it would. it’s really not that i’m trying to fight so late, i’ve been trying consistently and have found nothing. i know no one outside of my mother because i was kept isolated for years. i don’t know where to look or what to do. i just want to get a job and finally feel normal enough, then hopefully move out. i’m tired of this narcissistic woman having so much control over the projectile of my life

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Unanswered How do they decide which businesses to put on signs on the highway?


I've spent a lot of time driving around the USA and it's very common on highways to see signs indicating restaurants, gas stations, and/or hotels off of certain exits. However, I was always curious how they decide which businesses to put on there. I think there's a reasonable argument that those signs could be considered advertising from the government, so do businesses pay to be on there? Or is it strict proximity to the exit? A curated selection of chains and local options? How do they decide?

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Answered Do Americans really not use passports?


Recently I saw a post where it seemed like Americans mocking Europeans because the Europeans were confused how Americans don't use passports. The most common reason cited was America's size, and a tendency to not travel abroad at all.

But do Americans not use their passport within their country? I live in Germany and we use it a lot for official functions, without traveling. For example to go vote.

Is this me misunderstanding what passport they are talking about or how does American bureaucracy work?

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How to speak good American English ?


I know how to speak English but not in an American way.