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What famous person didn't deserve all the hate that they got?


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u/happy_snowy_owl 4d ago

Macaulay Culkin.

For redditors old enough to remember, the young Home Alone star got a bunch of hate for being a spoiled brat when he sued to divorce his parents.

Truth of the matter is his father was a physically abusive asshole, and his parents were going to take the $15-20M he earned from acting and leave Macaulay with nothing.


u/Nothingnoteworth 4d ago

Once Macaulay took control of that money he brought a home for his mum and siblings, and paid for his siblings schooling. Dude was a class act


u/SpeakerSuccessful437 4d ago

Glad to hear he has a wife and kid, I think and seems to be happy.

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u/veriverd 5d ago Bravo Grande!

Salieri. Pretty chill dude. Mozart's biggest supporter. Lent him his libretista so he could write Figaro. Took care of Mozart's kid after he passed away.


u/MajoraOfTime 5d ago

That's a damn good movie, though. But it also does him dirty as well.


u/426763 5d ago

F Murray Abraham fucking killed it though.

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u/SuvenPan 5d ago Silver Helpful Narwhal Salute

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis

He was a Hungarian physician and scientist, described as the "saviour of mothers". He proposed the practice of washing hands with chlorinated lime solutions in 1847 while working in Vienna General Hospital's First Obstetrical Clinic, where doctors' wards had three times the mortality of midwives' wards.

Some doctors were offended at the suggestion that they should wash their hands and mocked him for it. In 1865 he allegedly suffered a nervous breakdown and was committed to an asylum by his colleagues. In the asylum he was beaten by the guards. He died 14 days later from a gangrenous wound on his right hand that may have been caused by the beating. His findings earned widespread acceptance only years after his death, when Louis Pasteur confirmed the germ theory.


u/mrlolloran 5d ago

That was a sad case. He couldn’t really prove the germs actually existed but he had statistics to prove that mothers who gave birth with doctor who had washed their hands had a significantly higher chance of surviving and the doctors were all so arrogant that they never even considered that his conclusion was right but that maybe he got the details wrong (which he didn’t, he got them right, but this would have been a reasonable way to be skeptical of his claims at the time IMO)


u/DrKittyKevorkian 5d ago

Close. Semmelweiss noticed that there was a far greater rate of sepsis among women who delivered with a physician versus delivering with a midwife in the same facility. A salient difference was the physicians were often dicking around in the morgue between deliveries, likely coming into contact with people who died of sepsis because it was a pretty common way to die pre-abx.

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u/Portland-to-Vt 5d ago edited 5d ago

Terry Pratchett had a great way of using “what people know to be true”. The witches of Lancre tell the villagers that they need to not dig wells downstream of outhouses because the “spirits and ghosts” will sneak into the water and give the people dysentery. If they told the villagers tiny little creatures (bacteria and viruses) were in the water they’d ignore the advice because “everyone can see that there’s nothing in the water” but if invisible ghosts are haunting the wells and can be tricked…

I am badly explaining his “headology” reasoning but he had such a masterful way of turning phrases.


u/Wild-Lychee-3312 4d ago

When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, clean water was what a lot of the Volunteers worked on. There was one demonstration where they would add poop to water, stir/shake it, and then ask, “Is this water good to drink?”

Of course everyone would say no, because it was brown and they had seen the poop go in.

Then the Volunteer would pour some of the poopy water into some clean water and mix it. Now it looked less brown. They asked, “Is it good to drink?” Naturally people would say no.

They kept diluting it with clean water until it looked totally clear. And then folks would get it: just because it LOOKS clean doesn’t mean it is safe to drink.

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u/P0werPuppy 5d ago

And, not to mention that Pasteur is the one people know.


u/Wikirexmax 5d ago edited 5d ago

Pasteur was "lucky" to live in a country where positivism was spreading and where he had the opportunity to demonstrate his theory first in the food industry: his pasteurization process came in a time of crisis in the wine industry. This garnered much attention and political credit. He was a biologist, field more open than the medical field of the time.

For this point, he gained a place at the Medicine Academy where his theories wouldn't always be well received but he also had allies like doctor Emile Roux. Basically physicians where a conservative bunch and he met opposition, but he also had the opportunities to settle differences and prove what was what.

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u/overdozirala 5d ago edited 4d ago Starry

Natascha Kampusch. She was kidnapped in Vienna/Austria on her way to school when she was 10 years old and held captive in a secret bunker for 8 years. She managed to escape and her abuser killed himself the same day.

Sadly the public seems to hate her because she refused to talk publicly about the details of her (sexual) abuse.

EDIT: She was 10 when kidnapped and escaped after 8 years. Thanks for the correction.


u/ChiliAndGold 5d ago edited 4d ago

Poor woman can't win either way. Whenever she DOES step in front of a camera people are like "uh, does she need money or just the attention?"

I really wish her the best because she already got robbed of her childhood.

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u/demalteb 5d ago

Yeah, and I think the larger "issue" was that she didn't act like the public thought a victim was supposed to. She appeared too intelligent, not broken enough, she took control of her own life. And I guess her awkward way of talking seemed off-putting, a bit uncanny to some people. (So, too broken then? Damned if you do...?)

Oh, and she dared write a book and profit off her experiences. Well duh.

It was a weird weird thing.

She seems to have pushed through it all and has success in her life!


u/Admirable-Peanut-851 5d ago

She mentioned many times that people wanted her to be a victim, and got annoyed when she didn't behave like one. She also got multiple emails from guys who wanted her to become their sex slave.


u/Alice_In_The_Dark 4d ago

Ewwwwwww wtf is wrong with people?

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u/MsGhoulWrangler 5d ago

I admire her deeply. She does everything on her terms and her terms only. She would be an inspiration even without her backstory.


u/sunrising-gem 5d ago

The public shames her for keeping the most traumatic events of her life secret - for the sake of their own damn entertainment?! Disgusting. Sometimes I can’t believe the world we live in.

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u/Frazzle_Dazzle_ 5d ago

Slight correction, she was kidnapped at 10 and held for 8 years

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u/HRPurrfrockington 5d ago

Lindsey Lohan- overworked and pimped out by her parents


u/clownteeth222 5d ago Narwhal Salute

was looking through the comments to see if lindsey lohan would be mentioned. not to mention the disgusting behaviour of the media and the public in regards to her addiction issues. that one david letterman interview with her is almost unbearable to watch. she deserves a huge apology from the world


u/beeboopPumpkin 5d ago

I hadn't seen the Letterman interview so I looked it up just now. She handled that incredibly well- I think I would have either shut down entirely or walked off... only to later be called insane or having a tantrum. She stood her ground in an incredibly unfair and unbalanced situation while being witty and making it the least awkward for the audience as possible.


u/clownteeth222 5d ago

he tends to like springing non-approved questions on his vulnerable female guests, she handled it professionally and the fact that the hate was on her instead of on him for being creepy is really distressing. idk why nobody seems to be mass protesting his creepy behaviour, we dont need another jimmy saville story

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u/westsideHK 5d ago

Tara Reid. She did not drive drunk. She did not kill anybody with her car. She did not get arrested. She partied a lot and her boob fell out. That’s it. Also, if memory serves, she was treated horribly by Carson Daly.


u/blinddivine 5d ago

In the same vein, Janet Jackson after that superbowl.


u/legion8784 5d ago edited 5d ago

My first thought was why is she taking all the heat when JT clearing seeing ripping off parts of her outfit.

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u/Stinkyminge123 5d ago Starry

A Dingo ate me baby!

Parents of Azaria where ridiculed and hounded by the press and the grieving mothers statement became a pop culture reference. They where accused of murdering their child.

Many years later it was finally proven that a Dingo had, in fact, eaten their baby.


u/brownhedgehog 5d ago edited 5d ago

Lindsay Chamberlain was, in fact, found guilty of murdering her child and sent to jail for a number of years. Her conviction was overturned, and it's now accepted that a dingo was responsible.

However, jokes about it are still made. I can't imagine how awful it must be to have the world laugh for decades over your child's horrific death.

Edit: Lindy not Lindsay


u/HortonHearsTheWho 5d ago

On top of the tragic loss and false imprisonment, being the butt of jokes would push someone to madness


u/LausanneAndy 5d ago edited 5d ago

In Australia, Lindy Chamberlain (and her family) went through so much terrible stuff because of this (think Casey Anthony .. except convicted .. and wrongly) ..

.. that Seinfeld jokes were the least of her issues to deal with ..

Amanda Knox said it didn't help that she was known as 'Foxy Knoxy' by the media (since it fuelled the prosecution's case that she was party-girl foreign student into group sex) .. but that nickname was nothing compared to her actual wrongful imprisonment ..


u/hollyjazzy 4d ago

It was a trial by media, the papers decided she was guilty and really really pushed the narrative, trying to incite everyone against her. The police did a dreadful job, and refused to even contemplate that a dingo actually did steal the baby. Forensic evidence falsified or suppressed. I remember everyone going around saying she killed the baby because she wouldn’t cry on camera, she was stoic in the face of tragedy.

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u/azul360 5d ago edited 4d ago

I definitely partly blame Seinfeld for that. That's where I first heard the joke and it got spread around a ton here because of that episode.

Edit: Everyone, I KNOW what the joke was about. You can stop commenting that XD. I was just saying that because they said that exact line everyone around me thought that was what it was referring to and they took on making fun of what happened to that poor woman.


u/jondonbovi 5d ago

They even attacked the poor McDonalds coffee lady


u/pianoflames 5d ago edited 5d ago

I remember we argued that in mock trial back in school. When I read the actual details of the incident, I couldn't believe that there actually was a legitimate case there. That it wasn't some greedy ambulance-chasing scumbag trying to bilk a corporation for millions of dollars. "Lady spills her coffee, sues McDonald's" was such a deliberately misleading headline.

I came to find that most of those lawsuits from the 90's with an outrageous 1 sentence headline turned out to be extremely misleading. Just perpetuating this idea that greedy Americans trying to bilk corporations with frivolous lawsuits was some giant epidemic.


u/Teledildonic 5d ago

The news should have been required to tell all of America the words "fused labia" to curb the bullshit.

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u/dustball1 5d ago

Excellent podcast about this case and how the government worked to support big business over the lives of citizens. Nice to hear the real story finally being told. We are sold so many lies. podcast

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u/painted-lotus 5d ago

I read somewhere that McDonald's put that narrative out there to the press to ensure it sounded ridiculous when news about the case first broke. Truly evil.

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u/FormalDry1220 5d ago

The funny part is is that all she was asking for was that her medical expenses were covered. How bad could her medical expenses have been you ask. Third degree burns on her inner thighs that required skin grafts. McDonald's had been warned repeatedly that A/their coffee was far too hot when served 170° on average. B/I don't know if anybody here remembers the cups they were white with linked Ms that ran around them with a dark brown lid and it was the flimsiest styrofoam cup that I can remember putting in my hands. So it was proven that the average person's grip was more than enough to pop the top of the lid and send 170° lava everywhere. C/they had video evidence of those responsible basically treating it like it was a consumer's problem not theirs and they were annoyed in their testimony. The jury decided that they had been overly negligent and they had to be punished with two days worth of coffee profit from McDonald's to be awarded to the lady that was $5 million dollars. Punitive damage settlements in most states cannot exceed 350 Grand now. And since you're probably wondering the answer is yes McDonald's did chip into lobbying firms to ensure that damages couldn't exceed 350k. If you ever see an advertising campaign in the future that sounds as ridiculous as "can you believe this woman wanted $5 million dollars for one spilled cup of coffee this is what's happening to your country people" these are very slick advertising campaigns devised to Garner public support for those who are rallying against you. Know your enemy

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u/TenaciousNarwhal 5d ago

I explain this one all the time. This wasn't a "didn't know coffee was hot," thing. It was a "the coffee was kept at boiling temperature and she had 3rd degree burns," thing.


u/daviesca 5d ago

And McDonald's had been cited for the unsafe temperature of the coffee multiple times prior and ignored the citations. Damages were punative for a reason.

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u/IronWomanBolt 5d ago

I can only imagine how devastating it would be to have so many people think that you killed your own baby. The evidence presented for it was weak and insufficient, and it was a case of people convicting on the basis of emotion rather than fact. The ridiculous claims in the press about it were awful too.


u/CroationChipmunk 5d ago

I can only imagine how devastating it would be to have so many people think that you killed your own baby.

This happened to the Eisenberg family 20 years ago. The police became obsessed with proving their guilt -- including planting bugs in their home and filing sworn statements in court about them "confessing that their cocaine usage made them do it" but the audio was pure gibberish/mumbling:

Federal prosecutors repeated their claim Wednesday that Steven Aisenberg admitted to cocaine use in a secret recording investigators made ...

(can't link the url because of spam filter)


u/IronWomanBolt 5d ago Ally

It terrifies me when police (or anyone) gets tunnel vision about something. You’re supposed to let the evidence lead you to a conclusion, not draw a conclusion first and then try to make evidence fit around it.


u/Thorn14 5d ago

Imagine how many people are in prison right now because the police just went "Fuck it, this is our guy just make him confess."


u/greensighted 5d ago

honestly? a horrifying number. whatever you're thinking, pick a bigger one. then add it to all the people who did gross, greuling manual labour for similar reasons, to get out of prison. or to just get by with less prison.

something like 95% of cases never even go to trial.

and speaking from experience, the police and DA will press and intimidate and drag on proceedings for as long as they think they possibly can, trying to get people to accept a plea bargain just to get it the hell over with already.

waiting for trial puts so much of your life on hold, of course provided you were lucky enough to be able to post bail. if you weren't, well, you're doing all that waiting... in jail!

this is speaking from experience with the system in the usa, but, yeah, it's pretty fucked.

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u/capricabuffy 5d ago

My dad worked for the Azaria family shop in Queensland Australia about 15 years ago. I felt sorry for the dad, keeping a low profile, just a little corner newsagency. I used to go up to the store a few times with my dad, Michael Chamberlain was a nice man.

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u/The_Bloody_9_ 5d ago

I don’t understand why the police refused to even entertain the idea that a wild animal could have done it. A dingo is just a wild dog, domesticated dogs kill people all the time, they were in an area where dingos lived, but they were somehow completely sure it wasn’t an animal?


u/crazymcfattypants 5d ago

IIRC native aboriginal tribespeople spoke on her behalf saying that they had records of dingos killing small children and they were dismissed


u/navikredstar 5d ago

It's not even a remotely ridiculous claim, they're wild dogs. We only have coyotes in my area (WNY), but I've seen them in Buffalo itself and they're known to brazenly drag off peoples' pets straight out of yards, and black bears in the more rural areas. I've never heard of any of them taking babies or attacking people - the coyotes are smaller than dingoes, and usually fairly skittish, as are the black bears, the latter being just more likely to get into your trash, but I could still see that as a possibility in a really extreme situation. Wild animals are unpredictable, and dingoes have a reputation for being bold as hell and dangerous.

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u/UpsideDownBerry 5d ago

Especially since it was a known issue that dingos got into tents for food cause they got used to tourists feeding them. Sadly a baby is pretty perfect dingo food.

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u/Bestusername7 5d ago

The Australian public and media treated Lindy Chamberlain really poorly during and after the trial. Because she didn't look distraught outside the courthouse people felt she must have been guilty, and because they were Seventh Day Adventists people thought they were weird. Australian women were hard on her. She was imprisoned and found not guilty during an appeal some years later. I always think of this case when the masses decide on a woman's guilt based on appearance or behaviour.

The jokes about 'A dingo stole my baby' came after Meryl Streep's performance in that film. An American attempting to play an Australian/Kiwi was considered cringey in Australia at the time. But I just watched that scene here and I don't know why people thought it was funny.


u/mostly_kittens 5d ago

I really hate all the body language stuff around murders, people react in weird ways to stressful stuff and there’s always someone saying their aren’t be emotional enough, or are being too emotional and therefore must be guilty. It’s total horseshit.


u/PaulNehlen 5d ago

Two notable missing person cases in England stick in my head...

The first the guy hit all the right notes - he was a complete emotional train wreck. Sang her praises, missed her dearly yada yada yada...everyone fully vouched his innocence based on body language and emotional response...turned out a few months later he'd abused her through basically the entire relationship, went too far the night she "went missing" and buried her in a shallow grave...

Second case the guy had 0 emotion, his wife being missing seemed to have all the emotional weight of his local shop not having his beer in stock that day...everyone assumed he'd murdered her and couldn't even be bothered to act innocent...turned out she'd had some completely bizarre psychotic breakdown, hopped on a train to a city on the other side of the country for no real reason, once she'd been found and treated etc the husband came to visit and when he spoke to her without cameras rolling, the whole emotional wall came crumbling...he was just a very reserved bloke who didn't want him crying broadcast live to millions of people...

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u/WonderSilver6937 5d ago

The pop culture references to it are insane! Even The Simpsons made a joke about it ffs.


u/LRGDNA 5d ago

I was always a little proud of tropic thunder for literally calling that joke out and stating it was a truthful tragedy in which a mother lost her child.


u/i_amn_asiansuperhero 5d ago

“Lady lost her kid, you bout to cross some fucking lines.”


u/tie-dyed_dolphin 5d ago

Man he seriously crushed that role.

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Last man on earth sort of did that too, the douche character makes a baby eating dingo joke to the Australian lass and she says "national tragedy, but okay"

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u/CharlieFiner 5d ago

The Rugrats Movie had a joke about it. This thread is actually my first time learning this was a real thing that happened.

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u/That_Guy1227 5d ago edited 4d ago I'll Drink to That

Edgar Allan Poe. Everyone hates him for marrying his underage cousin, but they never look into it. He only married her because she was betrothed to an old obese man that she didn't want to marry. He never touched her as a husband touches a wife, and they slept in completely different rooms.

Edit: Ok, after reading some comments, I decided to look into it once again, and the few sources I had read about years ago have now been proven wrong. I found this out today, so I've been carrying a falsehood for years. I ask for forgiveness from everybody, as Edgar Allan Poe did just marry his underage cousin just for the sake of marrying her. Or more accurately, their relationship is debated but leans more on the side of him doing the latter.


u/HatlyHats 5d ago

Yeah, it was basically a way for him to adopt her.


u/KaleidescopeStyle 4d ago

The complete and polar opposite of Ted Nugent, basically.


u/KookooMoose 4d ago

Not as bad as Jerry Lee Lewis. At 22, he married his 13-year-old first cousin. And they were very much romantically involved. They had two children - the first when she was 14 (gestation period would’ve began when she was still 13).


Relevant excerpt:

On December 12, 1957, at the age of 13, Myra Brown married Jerry Lee Lewis, then 22, in Hernando, Mississippi.[3][2] When Lewis arrived in London for a 37-date tour in May 1958, Brown revealed to a reporter at the airport that she was his wife.[4] Lewis asserted that Brown was 15 years old and was his wife of two months. However, it was discovered that she was only 13, and that they had been married for five months.[5] This caused an uproar and after a few dates the tour was cancelled.[4] By the time they returned to Memphis, it had been discovered that Brown was not only Lewis' wife, she was also his first cousin once removed.[6][7] In addition, Lewis had not yet divorced his previous wife, Jane Mitcham.[4] After Lewis finalized his divorce from Mitcham, he remarried Brown on June 4, 1958.[5] The scandal over the marriage destroyed Lewis' promising rock and roll career,[8] although he subsequently found success in country music.[9]

By 1970, Lewis' drug addiction, alcoholism, and infidelity took a toll on their marriage.[10][11] Brown filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery and abuse,[5] stating that she had been "subject to every type of physical and mental abuse imaginable."

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u/leedleedletara 4d ago

Wait, I actually didn’t know this 🥺

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u/CatOfGrey 4d ago

It's an old memory, But I recall that Edgar Allan Poe's main biographer was an honest to god enemy of Edgar Allan Poe.

Further reading: "Once upon a midnight", a one-man play on the life of Edgar Allan Poe, presented by John Astin.

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u/alysmeganx 4d ago edited 4d ago

I'm very glad to learn this as I love his work but obviously felt very 😬 when I heard the whole marriage to his young cousin thing. Going to look into this some more but I appreciate you for sharing!

Edit: oh no the edit 😭😭😭

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u/Betty_Coltrane89 5d ago

Oedipus. He didn’t know it was his mother until after he had slept with her. Then he blinded himself because he was so disgusted by what he’d done. But thanks to Freud everyone associates him with wanting to bone your mother. Not fair, I always felt bad for him.


u/SerDickpuncher 5d ago

Not fair, I always felt bad for him.

Known as one of the classic tragedies for a reason, still effective to this day. Big overarching theme of not trying to escape/outwit your fate though, that's their sin in many of these.

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u/P0werPuppy 5d ago


Freud is the opposite case though. Far too appreciated for what he did.


u/ouchimus 5d ago

I'm convinced that freud only got two things right:

  1. Freud really liked his mom

  2. Freud really liked cocaine


u/tocilog 5d ago

Cocaine seems to have a big role in shaping the medical community.


u/ccai 5d ago

The guy who came up with medical residencies? Where in-training doctors are worked to the bone with ridiculously long hours and low pay - yup fueled by cocaine.

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u/maharajah_or_majong 5d ago

All the child stars that went off the rails. They didn’t ask for fame


u/mi_esposa_me_espia 5d ago

Elijah Wood turned out ok cause his mom refused to let him attend Hollywood parties and hang out with adults. Back in the day the executives would have parties just for the child Stars, attended by kids, executives and no parents. It was essentially a pedo meat market and the Hollywood parents knew what was up. They were pimping out their kids.

Elijah says his mom made sure to keep him the hell away from all that.


u/PoorlyAgedSpecialFX 5d ago

Back in the day the executives would have parties just for the child Stars, attended by kids

Oh that sounds nice! Give them a chance to be kids with their peers!

executives and no parents.



u/corran450 5d ago

Bryan Singer has entered the chat…


u/uglyrarecat 5d ago

Along with Dan “beats his meat to teenage feet” Schneider.

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u/SororitySue 5d ago

He was lucky. I don't even want to think about how many parents have probably looked the other way while their children were exploited, just to advance the child's career and put money in their pockets. They are only required to set a certain amount aside for the child; they can do what they want with the rest.


u/BS_500 5d ago

I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy (Sam from iCarly, Sam & Cat) touches on a lot of the shady shit that happened/happens at these kinds of things.

And then her mom didn't even put aside the money for her? Idk how it happened but basically Jennette didn't get much from her child roles. It's no surprise that she doesn't want to act, at least in a show tied to the people who would abuse her.

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u/Mindless-Athlete2390 5d ago

The guy who played Kid Anakin

He was bullied so hard that it ruined all the love he had for Star Wars.


u/JUULIEJAN 5d ago

"Ruined all the love he had for Star Wars" is nothing compared to him becoming depressed and a drug addict, getting arrested several times and I'm pretty sure the dude tried to end his life a few times. He seems to be doing better now but is still recovering from everything, over two decades later


u/smoothskin12345 5d ago

He developed paranoid schizophrenia and has been institutionalized most of his adult life.

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u/SamuraiZero4 5d ago

All of the star wars actors post the originals.

Ahmed Best nearly committed suicide, Hayden Christensen left acting, John Boyega is only recently coming to terms with his role as Finn, and I'm not even sure what happened with Daisy Ridley.


u/Johnny_Grubbonic 5d ago

John Boyega is only recently coming to terms with his role as Finn

Boyega's big issue is the way Disney hyped up Finn, then basically sidelined the character.


u/FlexibleToast 5d ago

One of my biggest gripes with the new series. He seemed like he was going to be so interesting and then they made him the butt end of all the jokes.


u/BreathBandit 5d ago

Seriously, the main characters in Force Awakens had so much potential and had great arcs just in the movie itself.

Rey's realisation that she has people who give a shit about her and will come back, Finn discovering something to care about beyond himself (initially just his friends and eventually the rebellion as a whole) and Po, while underutilised, had great chemistry with Finn for the short time they were together.

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u/FrostyBallBag 5d ago

Daisy Ridley has been in a few famous things other than Star Wars and has like 4 things coming out this year alone, some of which have a big name behind them. Seems to have done better than the others listed.


u/benlucasdavee 5d ago

adam driver is HUGE too. I know the guy youre responding to mentioned Boyega, but I think in general the bullying and excessive hate-circle-j*rking that went on was a lot more intense for the prequels during that era.

I know daisy and the sequels get their fair share of hate, but it was just sort of cultural consensus in the 2000s that hayden christiansen was a POS bad actor who singlehandedly ruined starwars. Just a different level of intensity.


u/Mikeavelli 5d ago

If you go look up Adam's SNL stuff it is absolute black gold.

I outlived you, H.R. Pickens! I crushed you into the ground, and now your bones turn to oil beneath my living feet! I married your granddaughter, filled her belly with my festering seed, and sired a boy


u/OrcOfDoom 5d ago

That was one of my favorite skits ever. But it wasn't as popular as the undercover boss, Kylo Ren skit. He also did the medieval times skit. Genuinely funny stuff.

That's the thing about work. If you do bad stuff, and never do anything again, that's all people know you for.


u/mxpxillini35 5d ago

Matt straight up sucks!

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u/GlyphedArchitect 5d ago

That bird's a spy for the king!


u/DanielTigerUppercut 5d ago edited 5d ago

The Mongolian speaks the truth.

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u/CrazyOkie 5d ago

Daisy has been doing movies. She was in Murder on the Orient Express, which did well enough to spawn a sequel. I've seen her in previews for other movies but I'm blanking on what they were. IMDb lists 5 that are in post-production and numerous other small films


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u/Dragonofdojima21 5d ago

Laura Bailey is one that springs to mind, for playing the character of Abby in the last of us part 2 she was getting death threats when the game came out for playing a character that did something people didn’t like.

It’s honestly crazy that people were full on threatening her and her newborn child with death for playing a character. It takes a sick person to threaten to kill her and her child for something a fictional character did

People need to grow up


u/spartanbrucelee 5d ago

Not only Laura, but Abby's face model is still receiving death threats 2 years after the game released: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/last-us-part-2-abby-080044949.html

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u/stephers85 5d ago

Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan. They weren't told until after they had already signed the contracts and spent an advance from the record label on new clothes and hair extensions for their promo shoots that they wouldn't be singing on the album. They couldn't afford to pay back the advance so they said they would stick with the label until they made enough money to pay them back. When the lipsync scandal went down they got all the blame for it.


u/Goudinho99 5d ago

Millie Vanilli?


u/siravaas 5d ago

Yes, and they're both actually decent singers. Frank Farian is the real asshole, but he didn't pay any price for it really.

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u/HomePlastic 5d ago edited 2d ago

Milli Vanilli. They were a late 80’s R&B duo who were “exposed” for lip syncing their music during a live performance on MTV. In reality, the two members Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were capable singers and performers, but their record label didn’t allow them to sing on their records or during live performances. They had signed their record contract in German, a language neither of them spoke, and actively fought with the label behind the scenes to sing and perform their own songs.

After being “exposed”, they were forced to relinquish their Best New Artist Grammies, and their label toured the actual singers as “The Real Milli Vanilli”. The media backlash was severe, and Rob Pilatus fell victim to addiction. He overdosed and died in the late 90’s.

Edit: Rob could speak German. Most of this information is from a Fab Morvan interview, and when he said he couldn’t speak German, I wrongfully assumed neither of them could. My mistake.

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u/EMdesigns 5d ago

Rebecca black got death threats for her song Friday IIRC. It's just a sojg, an annoying one, but just a song guys.

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u/loritree 5d ago

Y’all probably too young to remember when Keanu Reeves was a late night punchline for years. In the 90’s every reference to the man was about how stupid he seemed.


u/Boomer6313 5d ago

That's because of his Bill and Ted days. He once played Hamlet in Winnipeg. There's a scene in Hamlet where he meets his friends, Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, and calls them "My good and excellent friends." When Keanu Reeves uttered that line on stage, the entire audience laughed.


u/suffaluffapussycat 5d ago

And because of his “British accent” in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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u/ironbutterflies 5d ago

I worked the theatre he played Hamlet at in winterpeg when I was 19. I can't remember if it was 2 days or 2 weeks long engagement, but he took a bunch of the cast and crew for drinks for people in a bar down by misery hospital, he was a decent guy all around, never a bad word about him from my side.

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u/sharrrper 5d ago

Basically he did Bill & Ted in 1989 and then everyone acted like he WAS Ted for like a decade for some reason. I think the turnaround started at least around the time The Matrix came out since that was such a huge hit and became a cultural icon.


u/redditorNumber18 5d ago

Don't sleep on Speed. It was huge when it came out. It was 5 years before The Matrix and it definitely helped turn around his image.

Point Break was 91, also another classic from Keanu.

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u/StayclassyK_C 5d ago

I remember this! Then his child was stillborn, and suddenly, you didn't hear the jokes anymore. At least not for a while...


u/superdopeshow 5d ago

This makes him so dear to me. I also had a stillborn child. I remember how someone took a photo of him sitting with a cupcake looking sad and I completely recognized that look of grief, holding something so representative and associated with childhood… the Sad Keanu meme that came of this makes me pretty upset.

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u/TinktheChi 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Corey Feldman over his comments about childhood sexual abuse in Hollywood. Barbara Walters treated him like shit and basically told the world he was a liar.


u/Crewso 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote

“You’re ruining an entire industry!”

No Barbara, the pedophiles are the ones in the wrong


u/AlexVal0r 5d ago

“You’re ruining an entire industry!”

As if it wasn't already doing so by itself

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u/bttrflyr 5d ago

Reminds me of Bill Burr making jokes about the Catholic Church raping kids, then went on a news show where the anchors asked him "don't you think you went a little too far with the jokes?" and he responds "don't you think the catholic church went too far?"


u/beer_is_tasty 5d ago

Or Norm Mcdonald on people talking about Bill Cosby.

"The worst part is the hypocrisy..."
"Really? For me, the worst part is the raping."


u/DiscountJoJo 5d ago

god i hear it so clearly in his voice when i read it.. RIP Norm, gone way too soon

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u/SmellGestapo 5d ago

You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him.

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u/alegonz 5d ago

Reminds me of Bill Burr making jokes about the Catholic Church raping kids, then went on a news show where the anchors asked him "don't you think you went a little too far with the jokes?" and he responds "don't you think the catholic church went too far?"

Reminds me of when Christopher Hitchens was lambasting some important Cardinal at a debate, in regards to the crimes of the Catholic Church.

"He says what these children need is loving pastoral care. Well I'm sorry, but they've already had that."


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u/Black_Moons 5d ago

Yea if they want people to stop joking about it, maybe they could dunno, hand priests over to the nearest police station when they get accusations, instead of giving them a free one way, 1st class airline ticket to church 2 states away?

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u/masta5k1 5d ago edited 4d ago

I think it lends to the bigger picture for everyone who said "why didn't all these women come forward sooner than Me Too?" You don't trash talk your bosses or you will never work again.

Feldman had a album drop a little while back and people still treated him like shit. So that old adage "You will never work in this town again" rings true with this poor guy.

[EDIT] Due to good points people had made. Corey Feldman isn't the only thing poor. The music is all over processed vocal effects, reverb, back-up vocals and juvenile lyrics. He could have written about so many things that would gain listens Alanis Morissette style. He did NOT. Feldman did nothing to help his come back with the music. Or the style of music. Or the lyrics. [/EDIT]

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u/TheDudeOnHisRug 5d ago

Hayden Chrisstensen who played Anakin and the child actor of Anakin. They both got sooo much hate..and I still don't get why

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u/dinosaur-hajj 5d ago edited 4d ago

Paris Hilton’s ex sold revenge porn to a legit publisher and got away with it. She somehow got treated as if she was responsible.


u/miurabucho 5d ago

Same goes for Pamela Anderson. Imagine someone breaking into your house, stealing your home videos and putting them on Youtube for the world to see! Then people accused her of planting the tape for her career advancement, when she already had a great career going at the time.


u/ShandalfTheGreen 5d ago

I really enjoyed the documentary about her. She was a woman who really was empowered by what she was doing, and is just such a passionate person. Her son(s?) seems to have a good relationship with her as well. I hope she has a nice, peaceful little Canadian life. It really takes a lot of balls to handle being the first woman whose sex tape became an international spectacle and come out as strong as she did.

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u/mmurry 5d ago Take My Energy

Rebecca Black. Got ROASTED hard at 14 years old for the song Friday. Patrice Wilson was the producer and got paid by both Black’s mom and a good chunk of the proceeds but he flew under the radar from the abuse. Granted, it’s a dumb song, but the hatred was immense for a 14 year old kid.


u/Procean 5d ago

The song looked like it was something made for 2000$ by a cut rate music studio for a peppy southern California teenager to be posted for free on YouTube.

And that's exactly what it was.

There was no more reason to take it seriously enough to warrant any negative opinion of Rebecca Black than there would be to get angry over a kids refrigerator paintings


u/croakovoid 5d ago

Getting angry at a kids refrigerator paintings would be on-brand for Internet culture.

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u/wild-wolf-woman 5d ago

She's actually the person I had in mind when I posted this! I agree 100% that she didn't deserve all that hate. She was just a teenage kid doing something fun and creative. It's so awesome that she managed to persevere though. Her new songs are actually pretty darn good, and I usually don't like pop!

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u/AbsolutistUnit 5d ago Faith In Humanity Restored Starry

Honestly: Britney Spears. The way we treated her after the breakdown is downright sad. The fact that more people don't crack under the pressure she was going through baffles me; imagine your life is televised almost 24/7 and you couldn't even feel sure that you had privacy in your own home. Not even gonna get into the conservatorship. We really did her dirty. Regardless of what you think about the music, she deserved and deserves to be treated with more respect than she got.


u/kylexy929 5d ago

I'll always respect Craig Ferguson for defending her after all she was going through in 2007 during one of his monologues on the Late Late Show when so many other late night hosts and comedians were going after the low hanging fruit and making jokes about her when she clearly wasn't well.


u/tie-dyed_dolphin 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote I'll Drink to That


It’s an incredible monologue. Not only because of what he said about Brittney, but because of what he said about his own journey from rock bottom. I saw it for the first time when I was about three months into sobriety. His words were instrumental in helping me continue my own journey.

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u/shanster925 5d ago

That was one of the greatest late-night TV moments ever.

Also, I miss Craig Ferguson.


u/TheLadyJessica77 5d ago

I miss him too. He handled many things with care. He's been the funniest host ever, in my opinion. I loved his schticks of Secretariat, Geoff Peterson, and Istanbul. I wish they would have had him come back to the Late Late Show instead of canceling it once James Cordon is done.

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u/blinkKyle182 5d ago

Those pictures of her crying in a fast food place with her baby because she couldn’t escape all the paparazzi just makes me feel gross. So sad.


u/NativeMasshole 5d ago

You really got to include the conservatorship in this, though. Her family used the media frenzy hammering on her mental health to springboard into an unnecessary protective order. Then, used that to essentially turn her into a slave for over a decade. That's the real story the media should have been covering.

It's sick that the Spears family has gotten away with that and probably won't ever face criminal charges despite their deplorable treatment of Britney.

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u/Jesscahhhhh 5d ago

The way Britney is being treated now too! I’ve stuck up for current Britney a lot recently, after all she went through of course she’s going to show up on social media in an out of touch way.

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u/holyerthanthou 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

Mama Cass Elliot.

She was an absolute beautiful, intensely powerful voice. But because she was gasp fat, in the 60s-70s she was bullied relentlessly by the media.

She died of heart failure and a random doctor said she “could’ve died chocking on a ham sandwich” the media just dropped articles that that is how she died.

If there is any reason for me to despise older generations it’s how they treated Mama Cass


u/voxxa 5d ago

I grew up being told the ham sandwich myth. Just learned it wasn't true a couple of years ago and was so mad about it. What a shit thing to do to someone.

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u/dieinafirenazi 5d ago

I accidentally bought a used The Mamas and the Papas live album without Cass on it and holy shit do they not hold up as a three person ensemble. Not only do the arrangements suffer, but her voice was a tier above.

Also if you want to hate a member of that band, go for John Phillips.


u/shrimplinko 4d ago

Her version of Dream a Little Dream of Me is my absolute favourite. Her voice is so clear and she sounds so happy singing it. It's infectious and always makes me feel better.

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u/patedefruit3 5d ago

All the teens/adults who were former Disney darlings, especially the women.

I never understood why people and the media were so mean to Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

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u/Chromattix 5d ago

I won't forget a comment I saw here on Reddit a while ago that said: "We all owe that "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" guy an apology".

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u/bpcollin 5d ago

Michael Phelps - IMO, he could have denied that picture of him smoking marijuana was actually him since it was unclear. At the end of the day he didn’t deny it and lost some serious endorsements if I remember right.

Not a big deal.


u/MajoraOfTime 5d ago

I remember reading once that he had a very high caloric intake due to swimming and practicing and stuff. So after reading that he takes in around 10,000 calories a day and then finding out about the pot thing, my first thought was "how else will he eat all that?"


u/_pupil_ 5d ago

That’s why it’s a PED. Normal humans can’t eat nachos like that.

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u/Sissyneck1221 5d ago

His apology was my favorite. He never apologized for smoking pot, just apologized for getting caught while in the spotlight. Phelps is the man.


u/uncultured_swine2099 5d ago

Now its legal in many states. How silly it was to be a controversy in the first place.


u/gigglefarting 5d ago

And you have Snoop Dogg being best friends with Martha Stewart.

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u/Hairy_Buffalo1191 5d ago

He’s now doing an ad about COVID risk factors where he says he has depression. Good for him for being open about something that’s still way too stigmatized

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u/JulieKaye67 5d ago Gold Starry

Alan Turing. You’re not being forced to salute the Nazi flag because of him and the very people who’s asses he saved drove him to suicide.


u/throwawayzder 5d ago

Yeah Turing was treated so poorly. His death is a prime example of how one shouldn’t miss “the good old days.” We could have been further along as a society if we didn’t unfortunately lose him prematurely.

He also was casually an Olympic tier runner in his thirties.

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u/BoomerEdgelord 5d ago edited 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Meg White. Yes, she was not the the most advanced drummer but she was probably playing to the best of her ability at the time. Even though her beats were basic, they did the trick and the White Stripes became famous. I get sick of all these music snobs saying "imagine how great the White Stripes would have been if they had a decent drummer!" They miss the point entirely. It was a husband and wife making music and enjoying that together. Fuck off. You don't have to be classically trained for it to sound good. I don't need Dream Academy Theater level drummers in every band.


u/righthandpulltrigger 5d ago

I'd even argue that the White Stripes wouldn't be the same with a "better" drummer. Her beats added to the grungey, stark garage band sound and were exactly what the songs needed. Sometimes you just want to hear some bashing.

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u/ebjsje 5d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Sinéad O'Connor.

Tried to expose the abuse from the churches and pretty much lost her career. People used her as a punching bag at the time, but nobody ever apologized to her.


u/Boon3hams 5d ago edited 5d ago

I remember being a child and seeing that happen. My father was an atheist after the years of religion-based child abuse he suffered from his mother (I wouldn't learn any of that until I was much older). I asked my dad why Sinead tore up the picture of the pope.

"Because he deserved it."

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u/TokenFemaleLadyWoman 5d ago

David Spade once commented that Lorne Michaels tried to make sure all the pieces of the picture she tore up on SNL were recovered, thinking someone would try to sell them (I'm not sure he did). He was furious, but to his credit understood that it was somewhat of a historic moment.


u/Pirkale 5d ago

He was mostly furious because she didn't let him know what she was going to do in advance. Lorne hates surprises.


u/firewall245 5d ago

She had supposedly said she was gonna rip up a picture of the president which they were ok with, only for her to do a fake out on them

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u/ringobob 5d ago

It's funny, as someone who lived in the Bible Belt and was surrounded by Christians, no one really seemed to care that much because we weren't Catholic. I think people chafed at the idea that she was using the pope to represent God, at least in their minds, but that's not what she was actually doing, she was actually making a very pointed criticism of the Catholic church.

A good number of Southern Christians, specifically those heavily influenced by the Southern Baptist church, believe Catholics aren't real Christians. So, it was like watching someone rip up a picture of Joseph Smith when you're not Mormon.

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u/reffy336 5d ago

Sulli She was a k-pop idol who was driven to suicide by from malicious netizens who hated her for being outspoken in a conservative society. When she passed people even said she was just too weak.


u/appleavocado 5d ago

I’ve been watching early episodes of Running Man and my wife (a long-time fan) keeps telling me about guests (typically idols) that later committed suicide.

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u/jackfaire 5d ago Starry

Richard Jewell


u/randominternetfool 5d ago

The reason this is so bad is because even after he was proven innocent, many people never heard the retraction from the press.

Until just a few years ago even, I could have told you his name and recognized him in a photo and still remember him (unfairly) as the guy responsible for the bombing. “Richard Jewel. Isn’t he the guy who found the bomb he actually planted during the Atlanta Olympics?”

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u/Corka 5d ago edited 5d ago Gold Take My Energy Starry To The Stars

The "hot coffee" McDonald's lady. The story that I had heard and believed for years was that some woman burnt her tongue a little and sued McDonald's for not marking clearly that their coffee was hot.

When the reality was that McDonald's raised the temperature of their coffee way higher than normal, it spilled on her when getting it in the drive through, and her burns were horrifically severe and she needed skin grafts. She was suing for so much because it literally how much her medical bills cost. But so many people ridiculed her and the case for years.

Edit: people calling me out for saying "higher than boiling point". I just meant that it was really REALLY hot.


u/xlxcx 5d ago

I just had this conversation last weekend. The coffee was so hot it melted her labia together. She wasn't driving, they were actually parked when it happened, and McDonalds had been sued before because of people getting hurt by their coffee.


u/Rrrrandle 5d ago

I just had this conversation last weekend. The coffee was so hot it melted her labia together. She wasn't driving, they were actually parked when it happened, and McDonalds had been sued before because of people getting hurt by their coffee.

And they deliberately continued to serve it that hot, because the high temperature obscured the crappy taste.


u/itsthedurf 5d ago edited 4d ago

And they deliberately hired a PR company to spread the story that she only had a little burn. McDonald's waged a disinformation campaign against her and was successful.

Edit: this and the major car companies' disinformation campaign against Kia back in the day were things I studied in PR courses in college. It's honestly insane how that is legal.

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u/AMuPoint 5d ago

I thought it was also intentionally so hot so that people wouldn't be able to drink it fast enough to want a free refill. By the time it cooled enough to drink people had already finished their food and were leaving.


u/Leading-Fix2001 5d ago

Interesting! I heard that it would preserve better at a higher temperature, and that they even calculated that the money they would lose from lawsuits would be less than the money they would lose from the coffee spoiling.

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u/CRBrady 5d ago

She was sueing for medical bills, which was like 150k, but the judge presiding over the case gave her more because it wasn't the first time it happened, and he/she thought it would teach mcD a lesson about raising Temps to dangerous levels. That's how bad it was, but no blame the victim. Sorry you picked the one that always makes me angry.

Edit: I don't proof read.


u/StrictlyDogPosting 5d ago

Not only was their coffee too hot but they were told to fix the problem and ignored it.


u/anormalgeek 5d ago

Yep. There was also documented proof that they'd been repeatedly warned at both the national/corporate level and the local level for this specific store.

If you repeatedly ignore legal warnings, expect harsher punishment when shit inevitably happens.

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u/RedIzBk 5d ago

To add more details: her horrific burns were on her genitalia. She wanted McD to ONLY pay for the medical bills. McD refused. So she sued, again for ONLY the cost of the medical bills despite her children telling her to sue for more.


u/viceroy76 5d ago

I believe the amount she was awarded was based on McDonald’s coffee revenue for a single day

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u/flugx009 5d ago

It doesnt help that McDonalds actively went out of their way to publicize it as a frivolous lawsuit. They basically did a smear campaign on that poor woman

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u/WhoAreWeEven 5d ago

I believe she sued for medical costs wich were some thousands, and got awarded a slice of profit from the coffee which then turned out to be millions.

They already had been fined prior serving coffee too hot.

But most idiotic thing Mcdonalds did is they spent most likely millions in smear campaign of that lady instead of just paying few thousand medical bills.


u/CorgiMonsoon 5d ago

McDonalds move may have been idiotic, but it worked. Even to this day there are many people who side with McDonalds over the victim because they still believe the smear campaign that was put out against her.

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u/No-Okra-2924 5d ago

Leana Headey, according to an interview she received a lot of hate when she played Cersei in game of thrones. I guess some people can’t separate reality from film. Shows how great of an actress she is


u/identitty_theft 5d ago

Similar to Anna Gunn. She faced a lot of harassment for playing Skyler White in Breaking Bad. Her character doesn't even compare to the most evil characters in the show, including Walter White.

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u/brewit_drinkit 5d ago

Amy Winehouse. Once “rehab” hit and she became that pinup girl with the drug problem icon, it was all but over. Media played her out like Britney or others, but in reality she was a talented musician who wrote all her own songs and brought a modern style of jazz to what was otherwise pop bullshit at the time. Didn’t help her father and partner used her for all she was worth till the end.

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u/ferretkona 5d ago

Fatty Arbuckle. He went to prison for years when the DA tried him for death of a starlit. Later found innocent he was no longer welcome in Hollywood.

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u/Camarocane 5d ago

Richard Jewell who was falsely accused of the Atlanta Olympic bombing. Poor guy dies at 44 from diabetes less than a decade later…

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u/Bergwookie 5d ago

Draco, the Greek lawgiver

While draconic became a synonym for extremely harsh punishment, he made the first canon of laws, so if you went to court, you now had an idea what you could expect, a written down catalogue of laws and punishment, not relying on the will of the judge.

This was the first step towards a regulated law system, not some despotic lawbending punishment at will.


u/bathoz 5d ago

First step? Not Hammurabi? (Genuine question for clarity – just point me in the right place to read.)

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u/cwfs1007 5d ago

Guy Fieri. People dog on him for no reason. He has a fun tv show and I've heard he does a lot for charity.


u/TacoQuest 5d ago

Dude tends to show up with a mobile kitchen after disasters in CA and feed entire affected communities. he’s alright in my book.


u/Zerbo 5d ago

I’m a firefighter and was deployed on the LNU Lightning Complex fire a couple years ago in Napa county. Guy Fieri showed up at the base camp with his food truck and gave the whole camp lunch free of charge. There had to be 1500+ firefighters and support personnel there, and he just showed up and got down to it. My crew even got a picture with him, and wouldn’t even accept our thanks, he insisted it was the very least he could do. Absolutely solid dude.


u/shiny_xnaut 5d ago

Do people hate on him? The worst I've ever seen are jokes about his fashion sense


u/Give_Help_Please 5d ago

Yeah same here. All I’ve ever seen are jokes about “going to flavor town.”

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u/Itisd 5d ago Gold Wholesome (Pro)

Rodney Dangerfield.

The man just never got any respect.


u/MillerJC 5d ago

“Ahh I tell ya I don’t get no respect, no respect at all. Hell even my wife didn’t want me at first, I tell ya when we first started dating she told me ‘come on over, there’s nobody home’. I went on over, THERE WAS NOBODY HOME.

That might actually be my favorite joke of all time.

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u/TanAndTallLady 5d ago

Courtney Stodden


u/poor_bitch 5d ago

When I found out that Chrissy Tiegan sent her messages on Twitter to kill herself, Chrissy being an ADULT and Courtney being a CHILD, I had to unfollow Chrissy on everything. Such an ugly thing to do.

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u/jeffh4 5d ago

Back in the 80's, singer and songwriter John Denver was practically blacklisted by environmentalists for the unpardonable sin of ... get this ... replacing the outside propane tank next to his Aspen home with a larger one.

Yeah, I still don't get it either, even 40 years in the future.


u/deecro3000 5d ago

I hope the king of the hill writers see this. Damn, they really could’ve done a lot with Hank loving John Denver because propane, nature, and a guitar. That’s like 3/4 of hanks personality

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u/Tomegunn1 5d ago I'll Drink to That

Monica Lewinski


u/thomas4004 5d ago

I remember a large billboard in Tampa that had a local radio person's picture and Monica's picture. Under his picture was VJ. Under her picture was BJ.

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u/Sophiesroses 5d ago

Anne Hathaway. I think they even coined a term called “Hatha-hate” bc nobody could explain why they disliked her they just…did???


u/Wowbaggerrr 4d ago Awesome Answer

Was looking for this one. Anytime a celebrity is put on a pedestal, I always think back to the media celebrating "cool" Jennifer Lawrence, and crapping on "dorky" Anne Hathaway, as if you couldn't appreciate both of them. And Anne's great crime was...trying too hard? Being a little cheesy? Then Jennifer's "cool" image wore thin and the media ripped her apart anyway. It always makes me uneasy to see someone become idolized, because media loves to build people up only to break them down.

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